The Half Moon Earrings – Blue Lagoon


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Trendsetting fashion piece with our very own twist of dazzle on it. It subtly makes the two-way earring a statement in itself. Elegance and style combined in one peace, well two to be exact! Available in Fuchsialicious, Blue Lagoon, Sunrise, Sunset, Sweet Lime, Magic Mirror & Bourbon.

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The Bang Bang Bangle - Blue Lagoon

True elegance on your wrist, this subtle yet bold statement bangle speaks in colours. With the different circle sizes shining on you, it gives the perfect silhouette to your outfit.

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The Secret Beam Necklace - Blue Lagoon

It’s in the name, an almost secret aura this necklace holds. It beams from every angle, it will be impossible not to notice. What’s your Secret Beam? Available in our seven beautiful colours.

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