We are Hers. The trendsetting fashion jewellery brand. Every piece we make is entirely handcrafted, bespoke and accessible to anyone. We work hard to create collections that we feel are fun, elegant and internationally inspired.

Our stones combine the most magical particles of druzy and natural stones that are mesmerising to look at and incredible to wear. They literally dazzle with endless rays of sparkles.

We use only the finest methods to plate our Sterling Silver pieces in pure gold because our designs deserve nothing but fabulous quality. And yes, the type that won’t tarnish with good TLC!

Jewellery is the finishing touch that perfects an outfit and should be able to be worn for any occasion. We hope you will enjoy stacking, mixing and matching the different stone colours with the metals. Here’s to you having as much fun as we do wearing Hers London.

“Make that moment hers, make it yours”.

Founder & Managing Director